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Shania Twain Up Blue Version - Free Mp3 Download _HOT_

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When the album was originally released, different regions received different versions of the album. North America received a two-disc set, containing the red disc and the green disc. Most international markets received a two-disc set, referred to as the "International Version," containing the red disc and the blue disc. Both two-disc versions contain a note from Shania offering free downloads of whichever set of mixes not included (e.g. a download of the blue version is offered with the red/green set), for a limited time on her website. Australia received both two-disc sets, with the red/green version being subtitled "U.S. Version".[3][better source needed] The album was later re-released in some territories as a single-disc set, containing only the red mixes, and an alternate cover with a red background.[4][better source needed] 1e1e36bf2d


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