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Watch Two And A Half Men S11E21

Amber Tamblyn joined the cast as the new "half man", replacing Angus T. Jones.This is also the first season not to feature an opening sequence with the three leads singing along to the theme song "Manly Men". Instead, the opening titles features the shortened version of the theme with the show's title against a black background (a slide that has been frequently used throughout the series).[8]

Watch Two And a Half Men S11E21


Walden plays strip poker with Jenny and her friends as they start to bond. The group parties hard the next night, then returns home to skinny dip in the ocean. Walden and Jenny wake up in bed together naked, with no recollection of how they got there. Walden eventually produces the video taken with Charlie's bedroom camera to see if he and Jenny "did it." As they watch the video, they see Walden and one of the other girls making out on the bed. Jenny comes in with another girl, followed by everyone from the beach bonfire, including Berta, who walks in and says she also joined the orgy (and had sex with James Franco).

Alan and Lyndsey are back to their sex-only relationship. After a session of what Lyndsey says was incredible lovemaking, Alan suggests they get back together. Lyndsey insists that she needs both Alan and her new boyfriend, Larry Martin, because each man pleases her in different ways. Determined to find out what Larry provides that he cannot, Alan joins Larry's spin class under the fake name "Jeff Strongman". He finds Larry (D.B. Sweeney) to be incredibly friendly and supportive, and later accepts his invitation to watch the Los Angeles Lakers game from a luxury suite. But Lyndsey surprises Larry (along with Alan/"Jeff") at the suite. She asks Larry to retrieve something from her car so she can confront Alan directly, but instead she takes Alan to have sex in the en suite bathroom.

After watching Jenny pick up yet another woman at Pavlov's, Alan and Walden hit it off with the intellectual Jill (Spencer Locke) and the ditzy Laurie (Madison Dylan). Lyndsey then unexpectedly shows up, putting Alan in an awkward situation when he does not know how to tell Lyndsey he has a date. Lyndsey is originally fine with it, but later drunkenly calls him on the phone just as Alan is about to have sex with Laurie. Walden tells Alan it is only fair, since Lyndsey is using him also. Lyndsey then shows up at the door and tries to seduce Alan, only for Laurie to emerge from Alan's room. The girls trade insults before Lyndsey throws up on Walden's rug. Alan goes to Lyndsey's house to apologize, but also to clarify that he is done being used by her while she is with Larry, and says goodbye to Lyndsey before Lyndsey decides that she is going to break up with Larry and stay with Alan. While in bed, however, they decide that Larry is missing from the relationship and opt to give it another shot. Walden goes to Jill's apartment to get back together, but Jill is already being entertained by Jeff Probst, who had earlier been cooking on the beach.

Alan finds out that Larry believes Lyndsey is having an affair, but thinks that it is with Walden. He has hired a private investigator to watch the beach house. While Alan is out with Larry, Walden is picked up by Rose in a taxicab, who claims that Walden is being followed. Alan and Larry go to the beach house and find Lyndsey. She claims that she rented it to enact his fantasy that she has an affair and then they have a threesome with Jenny (disgusting Alan, who is a tad annoyed that Lyndsey is doing something like this in front of him, in addition to cheating on him with Larry when they were together). Walden and Rose check into a sleazy motel, apologize to each other for all of the grief between them, and ultimately end up sleeping together. Larry calls Rose after learning that Lyndsey supposedly was not cheating on him and tells her that he does not need a private investigator anymore. Meanwhile, Walden thinks that he is still a wanted man and ends up naked in the bushes outside his motel room while being pursued by the stoned manager.

Meanwhile, Alan goes to the movies alone and runs into Larry and Lyndsey. Larry offers to set up his friend "Jeff Strongman" (Alan) on a date with a co-worker named Gwen. Alan accepts, despite an angered Lyndsey trying to steer him away from it. Things start off good on a double-date, until Gwen (Brooke Lyons) is invited to a party and asks the other three to come along. When they arrive, they see everyone walking around half-naked, and Gwen casually announces that it is a swingers party. Playing along, Lyndsey says that she wants to sleep with "Jeff", leaving Larry to gladly hook up with Gwen. Lyndsey instead has sex with Jeff Probst rather than Jeff/Alan. Alan is left by himself, until he runs into Probst's grandmother (Marion Ross), and the two sleep together after she reveals that the party is for her.

I've been hearing very good things about the progress Grey's has made and this felt like a good time to check back in to the hospital overall: Yang is gone; April is pregnant; Meredith's half-sister is here. With so many changes underway and Grey's Anatomy Season 11 feeling like a fresh start in many ways, let's dive right in, shall we? 041b061a72


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