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Innovations Upper-Intermediate. Coursebook

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Innovations Upper-Intermediate. Coursebook

Innovations is a new five-level general English course for classes looking for new material with a fresh approach. Based on a language-rich, lexical/grammatical syllabus, it starts from the kinds of natural conversations that learners want to have. Presents and practices vocabulary, collocations, fixed expressions and idiomatic language Motivates learners by using unusual and interesting texts Provides lots of personalised opportunities for using language Emphasises sound-chunking and oral fluency Covers productive and receptive pronunciation work In-built learner-training pages, which include tips and advice Teaches many aspects of grammar and spoken language not found in other coursebooks Teachers Resource book provides photocopiable activities

l. I need to learn more grammar and do more grammar exercises inclass.2. You can say more with vocabulary than you can withgrammar.3. English grammar is very complicated.4. lt's important toknow all the grammar terminology.5. What's more useful when you goabroad - a grammar book, a coursebook, a dictionary or

It is intended for HR managers, staff working at HR departments, those employed in personnel agencies, but also tertiary-level students in fields related to HR. It can be used to supplement a regular coursebook or on its own as a stand-alone intensive specialist course. The level according to the CEFR is B2 and higher. 59ce067264


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