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Melthucelha Smith


I'm nervous to get a dress from sites like this because I've heard about a lot of scams.. although I can't help but be SO INTERESTED in these dresses that I'm finding, on these sites that aren't well known of (or at least I haven't heard of them), & at such affordable prices! My budget for a dress is $500, so these sites are definitely getting my hopes up in getting my dream dress within my budget. Has anyone gotten their dress from Or a similar site? Please let me know! Also, do I need to manually come back & find my post in order to see comments? Or is there another way to see them?


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I have purchased a dress from Although it was not bridal the dress was very well made. I purchased a standard size 4 and all measurements were correct. They do have an option to make it custom. With this being said I would not recommend buying your wedding dress unless you know for sure the type of dress you want/or you're not picky.. You do miss out on the going and trying on dresses. Knowing the difference of the feeling when you put on the dress you will choose. Your budget is fine. Forget about the tag/brand and shop for your dress. It may take time but you will find it. I have included a picture of the dress. It was shown in silver, mother of the bride dress. I ordered dark green for a Mardi Gras Party.

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