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Elijah Rogers
Elijah Rogers

Cubase 4 Activation Code Serial

I did not get any activation code email from the dealer. They did not allow me to open their cubase login. It was very hard for me to find the registration login page. after 4 hours of searching, I finally found it. I am completely stuck. I really like this product and am thinking about buying it. But now, I cannot figure out how to activate my software. please help!!

cubase 4 activation code serial

i have cubase 4.1.1 installed. I have e-license 4.3.1 installed as well. e-license 4.3.1 is supposed to be for cubase 4. I have not used the second one in awhile. i have never seen or used the activation code. I don't know if i should activate my license for cubase 4 or i can activate just the e-license...

I feel like i could use some help. I just purchased the cubase from music dealer, after 6 hrs in trying to login, I finally got in. I was just checking out the program. I love it. But I still need to activate my license. I dont have the activation code nor the number that i need to activate my license. I dont know which one to choose. I am brand new to cubase. My dealer said to just activate the e-license not the cubease. I dont know if he misspelled it. but i think it should be the other way around. I really need help. I would appreciate it if someone could help me with this. I can email the dealer if you need me to do that. But I think he is no longer using the cubase. So I need to activate it with the e-license.

Step 7: Begin the installation process on your computer. It would take few minutes for the installation to be finished. When Cubase is successfully installed, you would see a message: 'Cubase 8 could not be installed. Please contact your Dealer or Cubase Solution Team'


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