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Date With Sindi Walkthrough

Description:You've spent a lot of time chatting and flirting with a sexy babe named Sindi on some dating website. Finally she's ready for something more than just texting. Use the right words to do the right things to see more of her.Version: Updated: 2019-09-06, Posted: 2017-12-27. Request for an Update!

date with sindi walkthrough

Description:Another hottie on your adult online dating website that you just picked up. She likes you as well and is ready to meet with you if you'll just pick the few right answers on her questions. One thing about her that you must know is that she's crazy about anal sex.Version: Updated: 2022-04-02, Posted: 2022-01-12. Request for an Update!

your mod looks good and i am going to test it but i suggest adding a mp version and some updates and fix issues like bugs and etc and add a few more decisions like a central asian or mongolic state can form mongol empire or crimea form tataristan and also adding a formable for balochistan iran and afghanistan like Durrani Khanate or Sultanate of Khosa custom state which can be formed by afghanistan and balochistan and as baloch afghani hazari sindi accepted while a deicison to make all the non accepted pops as baloch or afghan and also cores on pakistan afghanistan and eastern iran and gujarat indian punjab kashmir and simla area

I love this mod a lot. I have so much time on it and it is a very nice change from the base game. I have played basically every nation with content, but I do have a couple small things about the mod though. The first thing is is Havana supposed to get more people than Beijing every game? I shed a tear every time I see Freiland have a city so populated. It is the same thing with Federazione Corsara and I dont know if it is intentional or not, but it makes it hard to play as nations that need immigration like Antartida cause of their immigration boost. Also can Antartida have cores on all of the non colonized southern South America because sometimes it is colonized by a European and my eyes bleed. When forming Hispania, can Galician and Mozarabic be added as accepted pops because Hispania already has a small population and it is made worse by having large parts of non accepted pops. IK Leon has Galician as accepted so a nice challenge would be to forms Hispania as Leon and get the bonus accepted pop as a reward, but there is no way to get Mozarabic and Galician to my knowledge because I have never played Granada as Granada is too hard to play for me. This is more of a preference but can masters of the Maghreb decision for Hispania add Maghrebi as an accepted pop to boost Hispania's accepted pops? Colombia still has cores on province 2263 and 2260. The Ottomans core some really weird provinces with their decisions like unconnected Persian, Armenian and Azerbaijani states and the province Hail. Pls change at least Hail cause it is bad border gore. Also Oman and the Diriyah Emirate don't colonize their core provinces in Arabia ever so pls remove that border gore too. Also for the embrace Ottomanization decision, remove the prerequisite that assimilated pops cannot be in Greek or Pontus cores because if not, only like a third of your population becomes Ottoman and the decision hurts more than helps. Give the Karalani empire something so it is playable like cores on some land or something. Its a useless nation without cores. IDK if the expand westward decision for Venice gives cores on the provinces you want it to give cores on or not, but they seem very random and the Lega Lomarda decision doesn't give cores and only annex's like two nations, so that might also need to be looked at. Koptico Stater (Egypt and Ethiopian Union) doesn't have cores on some random provinces that probably should have cores (both from decisions and from forming the country) and has a core on Rudbar in Persia for some reason. Also the country does not get Misiri and Copt as accepted pops which really hurts. The Vereniged Gewesten-Akino League Canadian border always looks super ugly, so if you could change who gets cores on what provinces, that would be very nice. Also if acquire substate province was a war goal, that would be helpful. Besides that, I love the mod and always cant wait for another update for more flavor in countries. I think this list is pretty comprehensive and long, so ill leave it here. Hope this helps :)

Checking on how close (or far) you are from being able to form a new nation is very easy. Remember that the country has to be eligible under your current rule. For example, if you start with Sweden, you won't see Mexico as an option. You'll need to visit your Cultures tab on the far left and then click on Unification Candidates. Hover over or click on the candidate to see how close you are to unification.


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