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Microsoft Visio Project Pro 2016 2019 Full Ve... !!TOP!!

The other point are the O365 Office C2R and existing Visio and Project 2016 msi installer. That are normally also not working. But for this MS have a solution with C2R-P: -us/help/3157564/office-click-to-run-perpetual-c2r-p-release-for-project-2016-and-visio -us/DeployOffice/use-the-office-deployment-tool-to-install-volume-licensed-editions-of-visio-2016?redirectSourcePath=%252fde-de%252farticle%252f82691bd7-a3d5-47ca-8d8a-0ee43ec2c01f -us/DeployOffice/install-different-office-visio-and-project-versions-on-the-same-computer

Microsoft Visio Project Pro 2016 2019 Full Ve...

I have worked on couple of office 365 proplus rollout projects. In all projects ,one of the critical task is to manage MSI based deployments for visio/project 2016 on computer that runs office 365 proplus (Click-to-Run).

Click-to-Run is the technology used to install Office 365 proplus subscription based .Windows Installer technology (MSI) was used to install the volume license editions of older versions of Office 2016 and older, such as Microsoft Office Professional Plus ,Microsoft Office Standard,visio and project.

Example: If a computer has office 365 proplus ,then you cannot install any MSI version of 2016 on the same computer but you can install MSI version of 2013 and lower versions of visio/project,office et because they share different versions.

With the introduction of C2R ,MSI and its versions ,how do you deploy visio/project 2016 on computer that has office 365 proplus (C2R) installed and also get it activated using KMS/MAK volume license?

Inspiration for the solution: -to-hide-installed-programs-from-programs-and-features/thenicnic's 12.05.2018 brilliant approach: -DE/344c975d-1d36-4338-8f7a-0f0eb685234c/office-2016-msi-installer-volume-license-incompatible-with-visioproject-2016-from-msdn-click-to?forum=Office2016setupdeploy 041b061a72


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