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Joshua Gomez

Slumdog Millionaire Book Pdf 632 PORTABLE

in the movie, there is the beginning where latika finds an illegal pigeon on the roof. she thinks of salim, and also goes onto a show she likes, reading about something they call the cursed pigeon. salim finds them by chance, and he gets them out of the country and his money doubles, and latika leaves him.

Slumdog Millionaire Book Pdf 632

in the book, latika has an aunt and uncle in the states. salim and jamal wait at the airport for a girl to come and get them out of the country. on the way, salim asks jamal if he wants to make more money for his family back home, and jamal asks what he can do. they then run into the two women, and salim sets the price of the girl he wants for either woman. jamal kills one and takes her id to get salim out of the country. he also gets salim the passports and money he needs.

in the book, they run into the two guys, and salim gets the ransom money out, giving his share to jamal. the kidnapper who has mamans purse takes the money and runs out of the park. salim and jamal then end up tracking him down. salim follows him back to an empty flat, and salim kills the guy.

in the book, latika knows it is going to happen, and she isnt coming. salim asks jamal if he would like to have a family, and jamal says he never considered that before. salim then goes and has sex with the woman. jamal is just happy that a woman isnt going to be his problem anymore. thats how they end up meeting essie, and they fall in love.

in the movie, jamal and essie decide that the only way to get along is to try to marry. however, essie wouldnt go to her parents, and they both decide to just marry. then, one day, jamal and essie come to the office of an agent, who turns out to be maman, and they make a mistake and essies get kidnapped. jamal then goes and gives the money to salim so they can go to the states. maman pays salim off, and then takes essie to her apartment. he then runs her over and everyone thinks she is dead.


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