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Each release includes a list of file hashes which are sent to the wireshark-announce mailing list and placed in a file named SIGNATURES-x.y.z.txt.Announcement messages are archived at -announce/ and SIGNATURES files can be found at -versions/.Both are GPG-signed and include verification instructions for Windows, Linux, and macOS.As noted above, you can also verify downloads on Windows and macOS using the code signature validation features on those systems.

SQL injection attacks are not limited to ASP.NET applications. Classic ASP, Java, JSP, and PHP applications are equally at risk. In fact, SQL injection attacks can be wielded against desktop applications as well. For example, I have included in the download files for this article (available from the link at the top of this article) a sample Windows Forms application named SQLInjectWinForm that is also susceptible to SQL injection attacks.

If the hacker is working with a hidden field in the source, it's only a tiny bit more complicated in that the source needs to be downloaded from the site and saved. Then the URL and the hidden field need to be modified, and the source executed.

You can use the EncryptCnxString.aspx page to create the machine-specific encrypted connection string to paste into your configuration file. This page is shown in Figure 10. Of course, there are other secrets besides passwords and connection strings that you may want to encrypt or hash, including credit card numbers and anything else that might cause harm if revealed to the hacker. ASP.NET 2.0 includes a number of features which should simplify the hashing of passwords and the encryption of connection strings.

For unhandled exceptions, you should make sure minimal help is offered to the hacker by setting the debug attribute of the compilation element (in the Web.config file) to false and setting the mode attribute of the customErrors element to either On or RemoteOnly. For example take a look at the following: 153554b96e


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