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From The D 2 The LBC

"From the D 2 the LBC" is a song by American rappers Eminem and Snoop Dogg. It was released on June 24, 2022, as the second single from Eminem's second greatest hits album, Curtain Call 2 (2022). The song was produced by Eminem and was written by Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Luis Resto.[1] It marks the first collaboration between the two rappers in over 20 years, having last appeared together on the track "Bitch Please II" from The Marshall Mathers LP (2000).[2]

From The D 2 The LBC

In addition to eying a future that involves virtual cannabis (why not?), Snoop recently released the comp Snoop Dogg Presents Death Row Summer 2022, which comes on the heels of his purchasing the iconic label and removing its catalog from streaming services.

As the video suggests, both rappers have dipped into the NFT space. Em purchased an NFT from OpenSea's NFT marketplace and became a member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, while Snoop was announced a big-time investor in Moonpay, who has also teamed up with the rapper's recently acquired Death Row Records to create an NFT marketplace.

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The music video to this track, which one James Larese directed, is in part animated and in that sense features characters from a brand known as Bored Ape. The Bored Ape Yacht Club, as said entity is called in full, is not only an exclusive group but more to the point a collection of high-end NFT cartoon characters that a number of A list celebrities have patronized. Both Eminem and Snoop are on that list. And in fact, it has been reported that Marshall paid nearly half-a-million dollars for his Bored Ape avatar. Moreover, said avatars were heavily utilized during the rappers aforementioned MTV VMA (primarily-virtual) performance.

Em and Snoop have teamed up before, on "Bitch Please II," a posse cut from Eminem's 2000 album "The Marshall Mathers LP," which also featured Dr. Dre, Xzibit and Nate Dogg. "From The D 2 The LBC," which hit streaming services on Friday, is the first time the pair has co-headlined a song together.

That's how I know that I'm in the studio with the DoggyIn Californi' 'cause my homie from Long BeachAlways got that bomb weedI feel a calm breezeEvery time I palm trees, just like that blonde bleachI went platinum then so did my albumCalvin's turning me into a zombie'Cause these buds are like the HulkThey're twice the size that his arm beAnd that is some strong greenGotta contact, my contact lenses are foggyI might end up in Walgreens pharmacyWith my arm asleep, gone off lean mixed with DramamineI will treat Paula Deen like a fuckin' human pin-ball machineBouncing balls off her tonsilsIf y'all are seekin' the smoke, I got all the weedI am a walking motherfuckin' marijuana leaf, and I'm here to stayMy reign's so definite, my longevity needs a hearing aidStill wearing Hanes T-shirts, I done bodied some features with legendary namesWas there when Dre turned The Chronic to monetary gain'Cause dope is addictive, just like they call it mari-ju-ana'Cause like marriage, you wanna marry JaneIt's like you and Spider-Man feel the very sameMy adversaries came, but these little degenerates are my lineageAnd when it come to pockets, weren't manyIf any as, skinny as mine, bitch, I was pennilessNow I'm plenty rich, and this shit don't make any senseI was in the motherfuckin' pinch like a titty twistNow I'm sitting as pretty as each penny isWhile I'm penning this in the lab on you guinea pigsI ain't finna fool 'em, and in fact, give me the semiAnd when I pull the big guns out that triggerPull it, until the motherfuckin' shit runs out of bulletsSomebody better call a ambulanceIf you live, it'll be miraculousI got more hits than a contract killerLike the caterpillars that don't got antennaesOther words, I don't got no goddamn fillersMount Westmore, you did not plan for thisFrom Detroit all the way to Los Angeles

Make money moves like The MatrixMake More Mount, motivationRoll up one, meditationI'm watchin' the moves you make, you might wanna stick to the basicsMilitary mindset, locked in, cocked in, make sure the mission is profitableAin't no mission impossib-bleOne phone call and my monsters'll goDump phones, hop in a Mazda and goFuck they, y'all stay, nigga, I'm finna goYou think you slick, boy, this cripYou ain't ready take it where I'm finna goMafia roots, you makin' a mockery of meA monopoly, stick on my flowMy nigga, I'm moppin', don't step on my floorNow niggas is copyin'Niggas be opping through all of this opulenceGave me a task, I conquer itThis ain't the time for ponderin'You niggas is slanderin', this real shit, niggas be honorin'You lookin' for followers, and not watchin' my niggas that's followin'Nigga, fuck them likes, I'm yelling like: What? My niggas young problemEastside, East up, nigga, Eminem, woke the beast upLet y'all ride, now a nigga want it back like the lease upThink it's a game? You gon' see some'Ain't no peace you'll be missin' a piece ofNigga popped off, now sheets on 'emMom all mad, kids all sad, damn, my badSend a few coins to the coronerPlease make a sweet for 'emNigga, I don't hop on tracks, I leap on 'emIn the field with the cleats on 'emSteve Jobs of the cannabis mobIt do time, nigga knew it be mineSuge knew I'd go platinum the minute I signedIf you're lookin' for the facts, I'm a nigga to findYoung nigga sold crack in the middle of PineIn the face of this crippin', Long Beach, these seas is differentFour man with the put onStill gettin' bread with the niggas I put onYeah, yeah, I put my hood onShit got cold, I put my hood on, yeah, yeahMarshall and Calvin, both from the gutters like public housin'Now we're performin' for hundreds of thousandsWearin' no makeup, but we still be clownin', motherfuckers 041b061a72


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