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AutoTOPO v14: The Ultimate Software for Georeferencing and Urban Planning


AutoTOPO v14: The Ultimate Software for Georeferencing and Urban Planning

If you are looking for a software that can help you with georeferencing projects according to the latest INCRA standards, as well as urban planning and subdivision design, you should check out AutoTOPO v14. This software is a plugin for AutoCAD, the most popular and reliable platform for CAD projects. AutoTOPO v14 is easy to use, fast, accurate, and affordable. It has been developed by AutoTOPO, a company with more than 15 years of experience in engineering software solutions.

What can AutoTOPO v14 do for you?

AutoTOPO v14 can assist you with the following tasks:

autotopo v14

Download File:

  • Import GPS points and create georeferenced maps

  • Generate technical documents and reports according to the INCRA norms

  • Design urban subdivisions and lots with automatic calculations

  • Create contour lines, profiles, cross sections, and volumes

  • Export data to Google Earth, Shapefiles, DXF, and other formats

Why choose AutoTOPO v14?

AutoTOPO v14 has many advantages over other software in the market. Here are some of them:

  • It is user-friendly and intuitive. It has step-by-step menus that guide you from the beginning to the end of your project.

  • It is quality-oriented. It performs calculations and generates documents according to the 3rd edition of the INCRA technical standard (SIGEF).

  • It has excellent support. It offers online assistance via WhatsApp, email, and knowledge management.

  • It has a great return on investment. It pays for itself with the first project.

  • It is democratic. It allows young people from 14 years old and spouses of professionals to work in family.

  • It has no monthly fees. You pay for the program and it is yours.

  • It has flexible licenses. You can choose between hardlock, softlock, or subscription according to your profile.

How to get AutoTOPO v14?

If you are interested in AutoTOPO v14, you can download it from the developer's website: You can also visit the home page of AutoTOPO: There you can find more information about the software, testimonials from satisfied customers, tutorials, manuals, videos, frequently asked questions, and more. You can also contact AutoTOPO via WhatsApp or email if you have any questions or need support.


AutoTOPO v14 is a powerful and versatile software that can help you with georeferencing and urban planning projects. It is compatible with AutoCAD, easy to use, accurate, affordable, and supported by a professional team. If you want to improve your productivity and quality of work, you should give AutoTOPO v14 a try. You will not regret it.



What is georeferencing and why is it important?

Georeferencing is the process of assigning spatial coordinates to a map or an image, so that it can be located and aligned with other geospatial data. Georeferencing is essential for many applications, such as land management, environmental monitoring, urban planning, agriculture, mining, forestry, and more. Georeferencing allows you to measure distances, areas, and angles, overlay different layers of information, perform spatial analysis, and create accurate representations of reality.

In Brazil, georeferencing rural properties is mandatory according to the law 10.267/2001. This law aims to improve the land tenure security and the agrarian reform process. The INCRA (National Institute for Colonization and Agrarian Reform) is the institution responsible for regulating and certifying the georeferencing of rural properties. The INCRA has established a technical standard (3rd edition) that defines the methods, procedures, and documents required for georeferencing projects. The INCRA also has an online system (SIGEF) that allows the submission and validation of georeferenced data.

What is urban planning and why is it important?

Urban planning is the process of designing and regulating the use of land and space in cities and towns. Urban planning involves aspects such as transportation, infrastructure, housing, public services, recreation, environment, economy, and culture. Urban planning aims to improve the quality of life of the urban population, as well as to promote social justice, economic development, environmental sustainability, and cultural diversity.

In Brazil, urban planning is regulated by the law 10.257/2001 (Statute of the City). This law establishes the general guidelines for urban policy and the instruments for urban management. The law also defines the responsibilities of the federal, state, and municipal governments in relation to urban planning. One of the main instruments for urban planning is the master plan, which is a municipal law that defines the objectives and strategies for the urban development of a city. The master plan must be elaborated with the participation of the civil society and must respect the principles of democracy, social function of property, and environmental balance.

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