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The file format used by Balabolka for a conversion and its conversion utility. The target format can be one of WMA, WAV, MP3, and MP4. Its also possible to change the default settings in the application to suit your personal needs. With this, you can play a MP3 file on the computer and have it sound on your headphones or speakers. Theres also the possibility to change the audio volume by manipulating the slider. You can save conversions as an MP3 file, or save them to the desktop, your home folder, or the clipboard.


In order to hear the TTS output, its important to enable speakers/headphones and sound on your Windows computer. If youve never used text-to-speech converters, you should check out the programs Audio Output button to get a better idea about quality. Balabolka integrates well with the Microsoft Speech Platform. With a single click, the tool lets you choose a particular audio output device.

Balabolka is a text-to-speech software based on SAPI, which is Microsofts native speech API. The platform comes with various additions and changes designed to improve clarity, articulation, and quality of the speech generated. On default, Balabolka uses Microsoft Anna to convert text files to speech. With Microsoft speech functionalities, the program can check for spelling errors with the VBScript. It makes the tool compatible with numerous spell checkers online. While using Balabolka, you can work with TTS voice and pitch, something most text-to-speech software doesnt offer. In the latest version, you can find support for German language and Windows 8 readiness.


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