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Peepo Cozy Loop


:: this is a really delightful childrens book with the most heart warming illustrations. My Mum bought it for Little B's first birthday. It's called Peepo! by Janet & Allan Ahlberg. Little B is not yet at the stage where he'll sit still and be read to, but he does like doing the "peepo" bit of this book very much. And instead of reading the verse (which is wonderful but lengthy for a 2yr old), we do a sort of spotting game with the illustrations ::

Pulling the whole thing together was heaps of fun, I had such a great time doing it. I made a little crochet circle and one of my teeny tiny hearts (with an extra edging colour worked in back loops only). I also added a few pretty little plastic buttons here and there, then strung everything together with thread and beads.

Row 1 :: draw a loop through the first stitch, chain 2. Work 1dc in each of the next 5 chains (remember to crochet over the top of your tail ends so you don't have to darn them). Chain 1 and turn [6 stitches]. 781b155fdc


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