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Singing Pumpkin

Welcome your trick-or-treaters with a high-spirited trio that joke, sing, and banter with each other. A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, the Jack-O'-Lantern Jamboree Decoration Collection inspires joy in the hearts of any Halloween fan, young or old. Project their glowing, mischievous faces on pumpkins real or fake to make them come to life. Or project the full pumpkin party on walls, windows, or play on TVs/Monitors to create the Halloween decoration display of your wildest imagination.

Singing Pumpkin

My family likes to go big for Halloween. It is one of our favorite holidays and we start decorating in September so we can enjoy it longer. Our house is always one that people stop at to check out. We have a smoking cauldron, which is pretty awesome, but the biggest draw is our singing pumpkins. They have a nightly show starting in October and we have become sort of famous for it in our little city. So in this article I am going to tell you how to easily create your own!

The first thing you need to do is decide where you want to set up your pumpkins. Attach your projector mount to an area directly across from that. We have ours attached to the ceiling of our front porch. Point the projector towards where your pumpkins will be.

Load the singing pumpkins file to your projector. You can either set up a timer so that the program will play at a certain time each night or do it manually. We have an app on our phone that is a remote to our projector so that we can start it from inside. Set your pumpkins up so that the faces line up on them properly. Connect your speakers to your projector via Bluetooth and place one on either side of your porch (or wherever you have set the pumpkins up). We hide our speakers in the bushes so it really seems like the pumpkins themselves are singing.

The best thing about the singing pumpkins file is that you can edit it however you want. Take out songs, order them however you want, and put together your own show. We switch ours up year to year just to keep things interesting. With these few simple steps, your house can be the hit of the neighborhood this Halloween!

All normal projection pumpkins have gone through a face lift and now have enhanced effects such as internal looking pumpkin texture, light flicker and a candle. There is even a realistic candle flame flicker inside. See video

How it works: After the music has been added to movie file it can be converted to a looping DVD or it can just run directly on a laptop connected to a digital projector. Only one projector is needed since all three pumpkin faces are in the movie together. Hide the projector behind some bushes or some set up tombstones and project the movie onto some fake or real pumpkins of your own. I personally use fake ones that I can use over and over every year. Plug in some PC desktop speakers and hide them as well. If this is burned to a DVD just make sure it is set to loop. If this is going to run off a laptop make sure the player is set to repeat or loop. Done!

Note that some people have requested that the background of the pumpkins to have a black background and some like the orange backround (seen below) so the pumpkins can have an orange color on the face. Three versions of the pumpkin animation are provided for what works best for you. I also added a slight candle light glow in each head in the black background version as a bonus.

Both the pumpkins and skull animate to the entire Grim Grinning Song but both use different sound tracks. The pumpkins sing from the Graveyard busts and the skull sings from the Headless Horseman track. See below for Skull music track info and link.

Great effect that can be used for Halloween and the Holidays! Create your own unique Jack and bring him to life with by singing the classic "What's This" Song form The NightMare Before Christmas Soundtrack (Special Edition) See example below. Digital download includes both turning head and non turning head versions.

Also included is a five minute clip of Jack just looking around giving a smile and blinking here and there, in case you want to have Jack take 5 minute breaks between songs (or more). Simply add the clip to the end of your video and add some sound effects or background music of your own. Repeat the clips in a row if you want Jack to take a longer breaks between singing the song. Beginning and ending animation match so it will look seamless.

Due to popular request I created Dead Man's Party animation for this Halloween! One of my favorite songs from the 1980's band "Oingo Boingo" and sung by the most talented Danny Elfman himself! This is a great new pumpkin animation to add to the collection for this Halloween! Remember that all animations are sold without music and sound. Please purchase music at and use a video editor to add your music to the animation and render out a new file with your purchased music added.

Michael Jackson's Thriller Pumpkins are finally ready and this time in 1080x1920 HD! This new song has the pumpkins singing the classic "Thriller" with Vincent along for the ride. Animation comes without sound so use your favorite video editing software to combine song with animation. See video below for "black background" pumpkins example. Use just one projector for all three faces! Note: Some download versions of the song "Thriller" may be slightly off and out of sync with the audio by 3-4 frames of animation. To fix this issue, simply trim off the first 3-4 frames (NOT SECONDS) of animation from the front of the animated clip and slide it to the left of your video timeline. This should fix any sync issues you might come across. I may correct this issue with alternate if more people have problems with it.

Due to popular request (and demand) I created pumpkins to the "Nightmare Before Christmas" music "This is Halloween". Faces will change at times to the Mayor, Oogie Boogie, and Jack a few times in the video. See example below. This new animation now has an yellow/orange glow to it. This animation, due to copyright is sold without sound but you can easily purchase the music on iTunes and put the video animation and music together in your favorite video editing software (Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Final Cut, etc.) Movie maker might have problems with MP4 files depending on your system.

Currently there are two different Nightmare pumpkins (Black background and Orange background) black is recommended but some people like to have the orange color on the pumpkins pop more so they will use the orange background pumpkins.

Now for something completely different! I created a brand new Creepy Pumpkin Effect for this year. I am selling the animation (without sound of course). See my prototype before I present it this Halloween. The animation is set up to have the music dropped right into your video editor and should be synced right up from beginning to end. The faces are also in the same location as the "Classic Pumpkins" so you can have them transition at the end from the new pumpkins to the classic ones if you wanted to.

Due to requests I created a break for the pumpikins. This is simply what it says. When you want your pumpkins to take a "break" between songs, use this clip to give a pause between performances. This clip lasts just little over three minutes. Duplicate more clips end to end if you want longer break. Clip contains no sounds or music. Simply add your own in your video editor.

Simply remove the face of an inflatable snowman character by masking off surrounding area around the face and spray with white spray paint. Hide the projector in your display and project new face of snowman on your inflatable character. White snowman work best with this effect. Also included is a non-head turning version if you want his face to remain still without moving left and right. A five minute clip of just the non-moving coal snowman is also available if you want to have long breaks inbetween singing songs. A video editor is required to insert the extended non-moving snowman clip.

In 2001, Disneyland introduced theNightmare Before Christmas elaborate holiday overlay to their Haunted Mansion attraction. In the section normally featuring the beloved bust statues singing "Grim Grinning Ghosts", they are displayed with singing, animated jack-o-lanterns covering them. Since then, and especially more recently this highly effective illusion has been replicated by enthusiasts everywhere with a wide range of results.

The illusion of the singing pumpkins is created by projecting animated features onto uncarved pumpkins. It is particularly effective because the only content in your projected animation are the carved features of each pumpkin. The rest of the video image is black, or no light when translated to a projection. The brightness of the projected animation reflects off of the pumpkin and appears to emanate from within, even casting a glow in front of the pumpkin as it would if it were actually carved and internally illuminated.

3 pumpkinsThe number and sizes will depend on your specific animation. I use One larger and two smaller. Their proportions to each other are more important than the actual dimensions of each. Ideal pumpkins will have a large smoother surface. I think a relatively round shape is better than one that is taller. Real pumpkins can work just fine, but I use and recommend Funkin brand artificial pumpkins which look entirely realistic don't ever rot and can be used year after year.

Amplified speakerThe soundtrack to your singing pumpkins will need an amplified speaker. If you have a smaller bookshelf or center-style style speaker, these can work very well, but require a separate powered amplifier. If you don't already have something, I recommend purchasing small internally amplified speakers, which will make your installation simpler. Search for small powered speakers and you should find many options under $20. 041b061a72


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