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Where To Buy Mass Cards ((EXCLUSIVE))

If you are not ready to enroll someone at this time, many find it convenient to order a supply of Holy Family Mass cards or folders to keep on hand. Once you decide to use your supply, simply fill out the card or folder and mail it to the person or family you wish to notify. Then return the enrollment form along with your offering to Holy Family in the envelope provided.

where to buy mass cards

Download File:

Due to our stock limitation we ask that you limit your request for Mass cards to 6 and Mass folders to 2. There is a fee for shipping and handling per folder only. Cards are free to order 6 per request.

The mass cards have become a staple part of our experience of mass. Our kids (5 and 3 years old) now are very interested in knowing what part of the mass we are in based on the cards, and are attempting to participate more in mass responses as prompted by the cards (Holy, Holy, Holy, etc). It has been absolutely incredible for our family! I would recommend this to every Catholic family!

You have the power to transform the lives of poor and impoverished children who have nowhere else to turn. You can set families free from the grip of poverty and help rebuild in the wake of war and catastrophe.

Whether you want to express your sympathy, offer encouragement or prayers for healing, or celebrate a special occasion, we have the perfect prayer cards and enrollment cards for you to choose from. In addition to an inspirational card, your recipient will also receive ongoing spiritual benefits including remembrance in the Maryknoll Sisters daily prayers, make sure to include their name on your order in the prayer intention/note section.

The reason is clear: What better gesture of love and support can I give someone than to connect him to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? If we believe the Mass is what we say it is, then it matters little if the recipient of that connection is Catholic or not, for he will benefit from the limitless graces of the Eucharistic celebration regardless. In terms of expressing sympathy, a non-sectarian card would suffice as a gesture of condolence. Yet, by making a formal request that a Mass be offered for the deceased, the condolence is combined with a real spiritual benefit. And if the surviving family is correct in their convictions that the deceased is already in heaven? Then the intended graces will be applied elsewhere according to the whims of the Spirit. Nothing is wasted in the economy of salvation!

Whether it's a birthday, get-well wishes, letting someone know that you care during a difficult time, or another occasion, Salvatorian All Occasion cards offer an excellent way for you to express your love. These cards are available individually or as an assortment.

Salvatorian Christmas cards capture the holiness and joy of the Christmas season, keeping Christ in Christmas. And the Christmas Mass Remembrance card would make a great gift for anyone on your Christmas list.

Provide support and comfort to family and friends using Salvatorian prayer cards. These cards can be a source of comfort when family and friends are facing troubled times, personal loss or illness. These cards may also be used to provide a positive message of support or just to let someone you care about know you are thinking about them.

Use these beautiful enrollment cards as a personal and spiritual way of telling others you care and are praying for them. And, when you do, know you are supporting OLV's ministry, Venerable Nelson Baker's legacy of caring.

Masses can be celebrated and Mass cards sent for someone who is sick or for the repose of the soul of a deceased relative or friend by contacting Campus Ministry at (603) 641-7530. The customary offering for a Mass is $10.

The office has Mass cards available for Birthdays, Get Well, Anniversary, Sympathy, Christmas, Special Intentions and other occasions. Cards are sent upon request for an additional charge of $1.00. Many styles are available; please contact the office if you wish to learn more. 041b061a72


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