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How To Change Hairstyle In Guild Wars 2 _HOT_

I've had the displeasure of using a makeover kit just to change eye color before, did not feel great but had to be done lol. Would def love another option like this, anything that supports the furthering of fashion wars in this game

how to change hairstyle in guild wars 2


I've used a few of those kits for silly things, like changing the height of my Norn, just because I was sick of doing JP with a big norn (before the mini tonic). Or to change a single hairstyle (because I love those ponytails) etc.

In my ideal world, kits would be for when you want to change the look of your character, not arbitrarily gating hairstyles. I imagine when they come out with new looks, people do buy kits to change existing characters.

When they added a new hairstyle for Kasmeer in lws5, I was hopeful for more hairstyles. I wonder what the issue is - is fashion wars just xxx gem fishing rods, cutesy jade bot skins and maid outfits that can't be worn with cat ears? Is that where we're at now?

In this game you don't purchase hair styles as permanent additions to your account. The only option to get something which is not part of the default selection in the character creator is to use a self-styled hair kit (or total makeover kit) to change the hairstyle on one character, but that will only affect that one character and if you want to make any other changes (including going back to the style you had) you'll have to use another kit to change it again.

Fashion is one of the most popular late game activities in Guild Wars 2 and players will likely be bored of their characters' hairs after several hundreds of hours. Luckily, the game lets players change their characters' hairstyles.

All you need is a Self-style Hair Kit. It not only lets players change their hairstyle and color in-game but also gives access to premium and kit-only hair colors or styles. These get periodically released for the game.

It's basically a mini-character creation kit minus the race, origin, and class change. It also gives players access to the premium hairstyles and also the premium face-types tucked away. Use it wisely.

I want to change hairstyle on my char (man human) from type B (short hair) to type A (long hair). this is not the one from beauty shop but available on character creation screen (first default one). I have some potions from old event to change hair types but not type A unfortunately. Anybody have the potion A on Naia still or know how to get another item to change hair style now?

You should email NCsoft Support. In theory, they should have updated the Beauty Shop NPC with all of the hairstyles and colors, including the original base set. But no, they had to do the stupid thing, which is remove all of the NPCs that sold the potions. Maybe NCSoft support can either give you the potion or make the change for you.

The Guild Wars 2 character creator has been updated with arange of new faces and hairstyles for humans! You can access them duringcharacter creation, or change the look of an existing character with a TotalMakeover Kit or Self-Style Hair Kit. 076b4e4f54


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