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Joshua Gomez
Joshua Gomez

Pickmeapp Full Version Free Downloadl High Quality

you can always download the pickmeapp software for free and it is completely free to use. however, it will only create a backup of the programs and files that you have installed on your computer. it will not include the registry or the settings, so you will have to make sure to back them up yourself, something that pickmeapp does not offer. it is also not able to create a restore point, so you will have to make sure to back up your files and documents on a regular basis. if you want to create an app that will allow you to back up and restore your files, then pickmeapp is a good choice.

Pickmeapp Full Version Free Downloadl

the pickmeapp software will also allow you to download the microsoft office setup, adobe acrobat pro, adobe reader, microsoft silverlight, flash player, java, java runtime environment, java plugin, realplayer and the microsoft windows update.

pickmeapp will help to transfer, backup and uninstall software programs and data from one pc to another without wasting any time on lengthy job completion. features: up to 3 computers to be managed, automatic incremental backup function, the system monitoring of several aspects, the ability to run as portable application, ability to support the software life cycle management from installation to uninstallation. pickmeapp supports windows xp and above.

select the software for download pickmeapp. we include only the latest version of the product and during the update you have the opportunity to exclude some functions and programs. the file size of the latest version of the program is 10.8 mb. installation package may include more files and folders.


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