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Download Film The Highway Movie

The film centers around brutal conditions in a prison of the Southern United States. Chain gang prisoners forced to construct a "liberty highway" for their overseer chasten under his brutal stewardship. Duke Ellis is the most influential inmate among them. He soon discovers his younger brother has also been incarcerated and joined the chain gang. Soon enough Duke will mastermind a mass riot.[1]

download film the Highway movie

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The new remastered, online version of the film was released on December 25th, (2012), but because of the holidays, went virtually unnoticed. Original copies of Heartworn Highways, including copies of the 2005 DVD release regularly sell for $90 and over on eBay and Amazon, speaking to the wild demand for the movie. The DVD included additional scenes not in the original movie. The new remastered version is available on Amazon, iTunes, YouTube (see links below), and other online streaming services. The filmmakers released a statement on Christmas for the re-release.

One of the most unique and memorable locations in The Fast and the Furious unfortunately no longer exists. The circular-shaped, Mid-Century Modern home that served as the LAPD/FBI undercover headquarters in the movie was demolished shortly after filming took place. Though Sgt. Tanner (Ted Levine) states in the film that Eddie Fisher had the residence built for Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950s, in actuality the house was constructed in 1963 by architect David Fowler and bears no Taylor-Fisher connection. Today, a 49,300-square-foot home (currently, the second largest residence in L.A.) stands on the site.

In Fast & Furious (2009), Brian reports to work each day at a large Mid-Century Modern FBI building. In reality, that building is the Hall of Administration at the former Ambassador College in Pasadena. The school was founded in 1947 by evangelical radio personality Herbert W. Armstrong. After closing in 1997, portions of the campus were purchased by Maranatha High School and Harvest Rock Church. In 2010, the remaining sections of the campus were bought by an Orange County developer who has converted the site into a large mixed-use complex, the Ambassador Mansion & Gardens. Several buildings have been torn down during the transformation and many more are set for demolition in the near future, including the Hall of Administration, which was designed by Peter J. Holdstock in 1967. The Ambassador College site has been used regularly for filming over the years, in movies like A Single Man, Inherent Vice, Glory Daze and That Thing You Do!, in episodes of The Incredible Hulk, Bones, Leverage and King of the Nerds, as well as in a popular Microsoft Surface commercial.

The film begins with this quotable quote: "There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need to change your life, or you are the one that will change theirs." The last part of the quote was taken rather seriously by the director of this alleged thriller. He changes the viewers' life to the extent that they will be petrified at the prospect of watching a movie involving a psycho killer for the rest of their lives.

"That killer entered my life. Not just my life, he also messed up with two other lives. This highway is where the mayhem unfolded," Vishnu says, setting off to narrate the story. Frankly, this heavy-duty intro is odd for a film undone by simplistic plotting and rudimentary plot turns. 350c69d7ab


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