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Joshua Gomez
Joshua Gomez

Freehand Mx 11 Full 11 ((EXCLUSIVE))

FreeHand 1.0 sold for $495 in 1988. It included the standard drawing tools and features as other draw programs including special effects in fills and screens, text manipulation tools, and full support for CMYK color printing. It was also possible to create and insert PostScript routines anywhere within the program. FreeHand performed in preview mode instead of keyline mode but performance was slower.

freehand mx 11 full 11

I managed to open freehand files by adding the extension .fh11, BUT it only imports the vector shapes....not the fonts, unless they were converted to outline in the freehand file.So the files I'm opening it deletes the font boxes....does anyone know a way to resolve this?

I'm running FreehandMX on 10.6.6 and other than a bit of colour wierdness when printing to pdf (now sorted), it's working fine. After using Illustrator back in the day and then making a full switch to Freehand, I'm still much more comfortable with some functionality within Freehand, so was delighted that MX would run. CS5 Illustrator is fine and I'm learning all the time with it, but MX is rock solid for my type of vector work and I find it an easy program to use.

I've used freehand for years producing literally hundreds of full vehicle (truck, bus and car) cutaway illustrations, that back in the day illustrator would just chug with. I've tried and tried to get to grips with illustrator but find even doing simple things overly complex, difficult and ultimately frustrating. Rectangles with rounded corners, try changing the corner radius. Paste inside. Path operations like punch, and then modify the resultant shape (if I want to remove a bit of my shape I don't need to see it like it was).And gradient fills. So many thing so overly complicated to do in illustrator. I spent hours in Illustrator cs5 the other day just trying to do some logo visuals for a friend, after many hours of frustration and searching the not very useful help, and menus etc. I gave up and went back to freehand and it was job done in 30 mins. I just couldn't make illustrator do what I wanted to do an there seemed no way to do it either. Stuff which I knew was easy!It was a dark day when Adobe bought Macromedias products, they certainly haven't improved them much and killed off perfectly good ones. They could at least release freehand to the community....

OMG! I am going to try this. I am a die-hard Freehand MX user. I have a brand new Imac sitting at my desk that I watch movies on while I work on my old G5. But, my G5 is crashing. I brought a freehand file into CS5 Illustrator and could not even figure out what I could do with it. If Rosetta works, I will be one happy girl!!! 350c69d7ab


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