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Buy House In Coimbatore

Yes there are 52 independent houses available for sale in Coimbatore. Sort your search out selecting the location, the budget and the furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished type as per your preference.

buy house in coimbatore

We are offering Shipping Container Fabricated Home . Known for its appealing look, the offered fabricated house is manufactured using quality assured material and progressive techniques. Our quality experts check this fabricated house against various quality parameters to maintain its flawlessness. In addition to this, our customers can avail this fabricated house from us as per their needs.

Sura Housing provides Coimbatore plots and Gated Community houses for sale in Vedapatti with top-notch features and demands with modern interior architect homes for your living enjoyment. You will enjoy the peace and calm of living in the home of your dreams.

Nana Nani Homes Phase 1 was launched in June' 2010. Ever since, the company has promoted and handed over more than one thousand houses to Senior Citizen residents. Several hundred houses are currently under construction in multiple locations around Coimbatore. The promoter takes responsibility for providing services and managing all the phases of the community.

Nana Nani Homes offer different options of accommodations for the buyer. Both independent villa and apartment houses with options for single bedroom, double bedroom and triple bedroom are available. The houses are Vastu Shastra compliant. Cutomisation of house interiors can be done if booked before or in early stages of construction.

Anyone who is aged fifty & above, retired from services and is the owner / parents of the owners / in-laws of owners of the property can become a permanent resident of the house. Siblings and other blood relatives of the owners of the property cannot become permanent residents.

A maximum of two persons will be considered as permanent residents for a one bedroom house, a maximum of three persons will be considered as permanent residents for a two bedroom house; a maximum of four persons will be considered as permanent residents for a three bedroom house.

The ownership of the land/ UDS is legally transferred by way of a sale deed executed and registered at the office of sub-registrar of the area. A construction agreement is also executed and registered simultaneously to build and deliver the house as per the specification promised to the buyer.

As with any other immovable property, the house is inherited by legal heirs of the owners or by the beneficiaries cited in a living will if it has been executed by the owners. The inheritors become the new owners of the property by law.

When you move into Nana Nani Homes after buying a house, you will be paying a monthly dining fee based on your dining usage and a monthly maintenance fee based on the type of house you reside. All other are strictly your personal expenses like your electricity bill, property tax, grocery bill, etc., to mention a few.

Vedaanta's Retirement Communities are equipped with various facilities and amenities that add value to your lifestyle. Be it the clubhouse that has a community hall, where all your events are held and movies are screened, or be it the geriatric friendly gymnasium,

At Vedaanta, rest assured, you need not worry about household chores. Everyday housemaid services, periodical dusting and cleaning, laundry & pressing (on requests), electrical and plumbing maintenance, and all other domestic help that you will require.

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