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The Unifi Dream Machine Pro is the most versatile and powerful security gateway in the Unifi product line. It gets its processing power from its 1.7 GH quad-core processor making it capable of delivering a high throughput even with DPI (deep packet inspection) and SQM turned on.

It's been a few years since Microsoft launched an all-out new entry in its Surface Pro line, and even longer since there's been a noticeable redesign. The Surface Pro 8 changes that, introducing a sleeker chassis with a larger display than the Surface Pro 7. It's much more attractive, thanks to its new thin-bezel 13-inch screen, but its core functionality is otherwise unchanged. This is still a best-in-class detachable 2-in-1 in terms of design, and when paired with the improved 11th Generation Core i7 "Tiger Lake" processor in our model (and the advantages of Windows 11), this tablet can compete as a true laptop replacement.

More than the size or the new hue, though, it's the display bezels that make the biggest visual impact. If you're familiar with the previous Surface Pro devices, you'll notice how much thinner the bezels are on the Pro 8, and if you're not, you'll just see a sleek tablet with plenty of screen real estate. The Pro 7's bezel design was already looking a bit long in the tooth in Pro models before it, so it was due for an update. We got a tease of this update in the slim Surface Pro X, a Qualcomm-silicon-based device that offered a more modern design, but that wasn't quite up to snuff on the performance and software end.

As a tablet, the Surface Pro line is perhaps best known for its built-in kickstand, but the keyboard is right up there with its core features. This has always been a noteworthy point of dissonance because, while the device is often shown (and works best) with the detachable keyboard, it has always been sold separately from the tablet itself. That hasn't changed. Microsoft suggests that the Surface Pro can be used on its own as a good Windows tablet while keeping the base cost down, and it can be. But the company also positions it as a laptop replacement for getting real work done. That makes the keyboard, more or less, essential.

While the Surface Pro 8 doesn't revolutionize the Pro line to its core, it does deliver the most meaningful update to the product in years. The new design is more aesthetically pleasing, along with the more concrete, practical advantage of a larger display. All-around performance is solid, at least in our Core i7 configuration, especially when you consider thermal challenges in a build this size.

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