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Maksim Samsonov
Maksim Samsonov

Eddy M - Jazzy Candy PORTABLE

It would start with a suspenseful cartoon tune, as it gets more and more jazzy, until suddenly, it escalates to full-on fight music. The fight music would be an upbeat saxophone and harmonica jazz theme, with some classic drum beats and guitar tunes inside at some moments, while still maintaining the cartoony nature of the theme and adding soft moments of an actual fighting tune, like "Appetite for Greed" and "I Spy".

Eddy M - Jazzy Candy

It sounds like Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas. What I love about the video is it's deliberately weird looking. Incredibly bad animation, deliberately bad, almost like Five Nights at Freddy's, animatronic that isn't quite working right in the mouth, isn't synced up at all to what's being said, and the eyes are kind of twitching. It's that aesthetic. It was also mixed with this weird 90s grungy type treatment. The aesthetics really strange, and I was wondering like, is this the 2020 aesthetic? It makes you feel the way this year has made a lot of people feel. I highly recommend everyone check it out because technically, nothing crazy going on, but in terms of making you feel something you don't normally feel when you watch a video, this is the piece of the year for me. 041b061a72


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