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Where To Buy An Acoustic Guitar For Beginners


We know that acoustic guitars create sound acoustically (I know, crazy right), however electric guitars are solid and have no sound-hole, so the way they manufacture pitch is entirely different, even though the fundamental elements (strings, frets etc.) are the same.

Apart from the fact that one is electric and one is not I think that is rather obviously the fundamental difference between the two. The sound of an acoustic and an electric guitar is entirely different and to try describe the variation would be unnecessary.

Obviously nylon-string guitars are made from nylon, and steel-string acoustics utilize resonant metals like bronze and brass. Conversely, electric guitars make use of lighter gauges and compounds that are more reactive to magnets, like nickel, steel and chromium.

Electric guitars are heavier than acoustics and require more bits and pieces to be transferred from point A to point B (amp and cables, not to mention pedals as you progress further).

An acoustic guitar is just an acoustic guitar. While you can adorn yourself with capos, sliders and the like, electric guitars are overwhelmed with peripherals that significantly impact the tone you play with.

It will always come down to the guitar player and their purposes. Is your playstyle defined by Metallica and Black Sabbath Get an electric! Is portability and space an issue for you Grab an acoustic.

While they are renowned for their novice offerings, such guitars are a solid quality in their own right and present a gateway to some of the higher-tier Yamaha guitars. Elliott Smith (one of the greatest acoustic guitarists of all time) used a cheap Yamaha FG80 for many of his recordings and live performances.

Being able to play guitar is such a sexy prospect. They are prevalent in all walks of life, all types of music from 2023 popular to the classics. No matter what, if you can play guitar you will find somewhere to fit in musically, whether as a songwriter, session musician or just for some fun on the side.

Consider buying a starter pack. The Epiphone Les Paul pack contains a strap so you can play standing up, as well as an amplifier and cables to project the sound and plectrums to pick the strings. There are plenty of these out there for acoustics too such as the Fender CC-60s pack. Alternatively, you could buy the guitar separately and add these accessories later on. For the best bang for your buck, check out our huge range of EastCoast Starter Packs

Undoubtedly, in recent years there has been a great growth in the variety of brands, prices and models of acoustic guitars, especially in the lower price range. Here at Guitarriego we have posted how PRS and Gretsch have come up with excellent inexpensive or cheap acoustic guitar lines.

In acoustic guitars, the quality of their construction and material takes more importance than in a solid body guitar. Thus, although on paper acoustic guitars appear similar, they actually offer significantly different experiences to the extent that they are of better quality. Entry-level acoustics tend to be less robust, with less volume and tonal richness, not as playable as a higher-end model.

You can opt for an acoustic guitar that includes pickups and other integrated electronics, that is, an electro-acoustic guitar or a acoustic electric guitar. However, it must be clarified that the quality of electronic components varies a lot. Here, there is no magic, you get what you pay for. Thus, the pickups and preamp of a cheap acoustic electric guitar will be of a very basic quality, not to say poor. In this regard, it is difficult to find a good and cheap acoustic electric guitar.

On high-end instruments where the build quality is excellent, the instrument will last for years and years with good care. Thus, it will also retain its playability, tone and value. This means that if you are sure that the guitar is not a passing fad for you, every bill you pay extra on your guitar will be an investment in your future career as a gui


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